Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Facial Cleanser


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Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Facial Cleanser is a botanical-rich foaming cleanser for the face that gently dissolves dead skin cells and exfoliates without stripping the skin. Using a cleanser morning and night helps to promote normal regeneration of healthy cells while soothing and keeping the skin nourished and beautiful. This versatile anti-aging formula leaves the skin nourished and hydrated to promote a healthy vibrant and youthful-looking complexion. This perfect blend of ingredients utilizes Keratoline and Renovage to promote telomere stabilization and DNA maintenance; plus algae extract a non-comedogenic moisturizer that helps to boost the skins moisture retention as it gently dissolves makeup and impurities from the skin. Cleansing is a vital part of the skincare regimen. Throughout the day and as we sleep our body produces and accumulates waste. In order to purify refresh and maintain the skin it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The more mature the skin the deeper the crevices for dirt to hide. Be sure to deep clean with Cellular Laboratories De-Aging Facial Cleanser specifically designed to work wonders on all skin types. Without a great cleanser debris builds clogging pores inhibiting regular collagen production and enhancing lines and wrinkles.


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